Its important to still make memories.

Even though the world feels like its changing, as it is in so many ways. The C word is the talk of everyones day. Making memories, cherishing valuable time is so important. Now more than ever we appreciate the little things in our everyday lives. Like being able to go to the toilet without freaking out about how much toilet paper we will be sacrificing ha. The world has seriously gone crazy. But one day well be reminding our kids of what is happening right now in our lives, our grandchildren how we weren't allowed within 1.5m from each other. But one thing we will also be telling them is the time we spent together as family units, how families came together. It makes you realise how important family is, how much our children mean to us. How we never want to go a day without telling them how much we love them and would do anything to protect them. Capturing families has always been a favourite of mine, and I know once things settle down, I will have found an even bigger love for capturing families than I already do now.